Plain Talk, Peak Performance: Our Approach
to Exceptional PPC Results

How the fusion of integrity, expertise and dedication to excellence
deliver the success you strive for


Introducing Kwery

Throughout their tenure at leading PPC agencies, Kwery's founders, Marko and Sergio, observed a persistent disconnect between the sales teams, promising the moon, and the PPC specialists, burdened with delivering on those often unrealistic promises. This inherent conflict resulted in two outcomes: high turnover of dissatisfied clients and the burn-out of the PPC team.

Motivated by these experiences, Marko and Sergio started Kwery, where they measure success not by a quick profit but by the everlasting loyalty of their clients and the well-being of their team.

Kwery’s business model is rooted in a deep understanding that happy, talented people always outperform equally talented, less happy teams. It’s a win-win.

Here's why our philosophy benefits you as our client…

We Stand by Our Word

We won't make inflated promises about unrealistic growth percentages. Instead, we focus on tangible, incremental improvements. If we say we can achieve something for you, it means we’ve done our homework and know it’s possible.

We Invest in Each Relationship

Our client-to-manager ratio is intentionally kept low. This allows us to monitor and optimise your account EVERY day, identifying trends, challenges, and opportunities your competitors could have missed.

We Grow by Learning Every Day

We're always asking, "In what ways can we be better today?" Our commitment to incremental excellence ensures your campaigns are always leveraging the latest, most effective strategies.

Your Wins Are Our Wins

It's profoundly rewarding to watch our work turn into tangible success for your business. Overcoming intricate challenges brings us a sense of satisfaction. When your campaigns thrive, so we do.

We Relish the Journey with You

We don’t see ourselves as service providers but as a natural extension of your team—we cherish every step of our journey, from the thrill of your first enquiry to the celebration of record-breaking months.

We Are Here for the Long Haul

We measure our success through the lens of client retention, measured in years, not months. The better your campaign performs, the longer we stay working together and the more profitable our partnership becomes for each of us.

Meet The Team Behind The Scenes

Picture of Marko Minka

Marko Minka

PPC Specialist

Our captain of curiosity, Marko, asks the tough questions that help our people thrive and our clients flourish.

What is working, and crucially, why? Why isn’t it? And how can we deliver for our clients in a way that’s constantly surprising,  ingenious, and exceeding expectations?

Marko counts this inquisitive approach, combined with expertise in strategy, digital marketing, paid search and analytics, as the key reason behind our success.

Picture of Sergio Padierna

Sergio Padierna

PPC Specialist

Sergio brings the advantage of his experience across the breadth of digital marketing – from strategy and the big picture to analytics and paid search.

It’s his attention to detail and uncompromising standards that keep everyone thinking creatively — and improve the performance of your account.

Crucially, Sergio safeguards our client service as we scale so that every brand gets the same care and the level of attention as our very first.

Picture of Michael Parnell

Michael Parnell

PPC Specialist

As a PPC specialist immersed in technological advancements, Michael uses MarTech to streamline our campaign management processes and operations.

From the intersection of marketing and automation, Michael is constantly helping us uncover new ways to create efficiency, work more flexibly, and deliver better results.

Picture of Maria Nistal

Maria Nistal

PPC Specialist

Spearheading our paid social strategy, Maria is instrumental in scaling our clients' digital presence.

Her expertise in navigating Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Audience Network has opened new doors for our clients to grow with incremental leads beyond those generated from search campaigns on Google and Bing.

Picture of Lubica Pincikova

Lubica Pincikova

Senior Designer

A talented designer with a focus on elegant, impactful work, Lubica takes our clients’ ideas and turns them into successful products and campaigns.

Lubica isn’t just an outstanding designer. She’s also a natural listener, capable of decrypting complex requirements and turning them into designs that improve user experience and drive action.

Picture of Joe Powell

Joe Powell

UX Specialist

Joe is a specialist in user experience and conversion rate optimisation, well-versed in unpicking, analysing and creating memorable customer experiences.

With over fifteen years of experience, his knowledge of human psychology and design resulted in the creation of landing pages that improved the conversion rates of every single client we ever worked with.

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