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Since Kwery took over our Google Ads, we've seen real growth. More people are calling, and these are the clients we really want. It's like they're part of our team - always there and really understand what we do.

Aneil Balgobin
Head of Employment Law at Anthony Gold


Every time we hired a large agency, the results were disappointing. The benefit of Kwery's micro-agency model was immediately clear. Their focused approach not only reduced our ad spend but brought in more higher-quality leads than ever before. Their team feels like an extension of ours - always available, always very hands-on.

Robby Du Toit
Managing Director at Sell House Fast


Kwery's desire to succeed and outperform even their own goals is unlike any other agency we've ever encountered. They're more than a service provider. They're strategic growth partners.

Matt Swanborough
Head of Marketing at 360Science


I've been working with Kwery on two different projects, and they've done a great job on both. They are a small, dedicated, goal-oriented team that can think out of the box to get things moving. You can trust Kwery to deliver.

Jaroslav Rybar
The owner of Smeikalbooks


I have been a Kwery client for a few years now, and they have solidified a loyal business relationship with my company. They continue to get great results with our PPC campaigns. Their team is hands-down incredible, and I highly recommend working with them.

Jesse Wyatt
The owner of Synergy Buys Houses


Good professionals, serious and committed. We work together on the definition of campaign goals and strategy, and they carry out the necessary optimization and adjustments to hit our targets. Highly recommended company.

Elena Yáñez
Head of Sales for the Asolounclic


We have worked with the Kwery team, personally with Sergio, and the results have been unbeatable. It has helped us a lot to improve the sales of the company. Totally recommended."

Elena Díaz del Corral
The owner of Singular Market


Kwery brings clarity and expertise to our digital campaigns. Their team knows their stuff, and it shows. There is always a clear plan in place supported by deep analysis and insight.

Miroslav Mikuš
Managing Director at ESET UK


Kwery's approach is refreshingly effective. Their team's genuine interest in our goals and hands-on management has been instrumental in getting us the results we need.

Marta Mora
Communication Director at Domo Gestora


Kwery's impact on our sales was immediate. A 20% revenue increase within two months speaks volumes about their ability to find the right audience and draw the right leads in.

Peter Lunter
The owner of BD London

Why Clients Love to Work with Kwery


Specialised Expertise

Kwery, led by seasoned PPC practitioners Marko Minka and Sergio Padierna, is a dedicated micro-agency focused solely on PPC. Our approach isn't about offering a full range of digital marketing services; instead, we focus on PPC lead generation, diving deep into your accounts with a level of attention only a specialised team can provide.


Lasting Partnerships

Our client-to-account manager ratio is intentionally low, allowing us to form deep, strategic partnerships and focus on individual client needs. Our client relationships are built for longevity, measured in years, not months, ensuring we're always invested in both our long-standing and new clients' success.


Long-Term Growth

As an integral extension of your team, we engage with regular communication, strategic guidance, and a deep commitment to your long-term growth. With over 50 years of combined PPC experience in managing Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads, our expert team is adept at handling your paid ads with precision.

Anyone Can Give You Promises — We Give You Proof

Tired of Paying for PPC That Doesn't Work?

I get loads of leads, but they’re terrible.

You’re inundated with low-quality leads, wasting all your time filtering through them for the occasional hidden gem. Many leads either don’t respond, forget they contacted you, or are located too far away.

We tried everything, but our marketing just doesn't work.

Unsure where to direct your efforts, you've tried various strategies like Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook and SEO or even launched a new website, only to see little to no return on your investments.

I’m spending all my time instructing my agency.

Your agency acts when you tell them to but rarely uses their initiative to do something proactive to stay ahead of your needs, let alone ahead of your competitors.

I have to fight my agency just to get their attention.

Everyone you speak to is juggling dozens of accounts – you never feel like a priority, so you can never be certain you’re getting the effort and attention you deserve.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, talk to us

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Get Leads That Bring You the Work You Want

Effective PPC Focused on Real Results: Qualified Leads and Closed Deals

Reclaim the time you spend managing a low-quality pipeline.

Expect a steady stream of high-quality, ready-to-buy inquiries from people eager to work with your business.

Relax knowing your PPC is generating profitable returns.

From strategising to monitoring competitors, we’ll handle your PPC, freeing you to focus on building a business you're proud of.

Choose your leads; don't chase them.

Become a market leader in your niche, and enjoy the freedom to select the most profitable opportunities.

Get insights over information.

Our custom dashboard and weekly updates give you an at-a-glance overview of what's effective and what isn't, highlighting areas to work on each month. 

PPC Campaign Management

Capture Qualified Leads with Targeted PPC Ads

Are you looking to attract more qualified leads and establish yourself as the top choice in your market?

With correct PPC targeting, quickly position your business in front of thousands actively searching for what you offer, leading to immediate calls and web inquiries at the exact moment potential customers and clients need you.

Custom Landing Page Creation

Landing Pages That Double Your Leads

Interested in doubling your enquiries without increasing your ad spend?

We design landing pages that highlight your distinct advantages over competitors, applying our expert techniques and conversion-optimised templates to increase your inquiries, all within your current budget.

Lead Tracking & Analysis

Optimise for Closed Deals and Profit

Go beyond counting leads – analyse their profitability and revenue impact.

By identifying which leads turn into sales and closed deals, you'll discover which campaigns and keywords drive qualified leads and which fall short. This critical insight allows you to double down on what works and eliminate waste in your ad spend.

Featured Case Studies

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Helping a leading cash house buyer to achieve 43% more sales in 120 days with SEM automation.

Redefining multi-channel marketing to give antivirus pioneers a breakthrough 27% growth in just three months.

Spearheading a new B2B advertising strategy that delivered a 283% increase in high-quality pipeline opportunities.

How our precision social ads targeting helped a real estate firm reach the right people, in the right place, and increase sales by 138%.

How we used transformative paid search management to deliver 46% more leads at a lower cost.

Architecture & Construction

More paid jobs at a lower cost for Building Designs


How Kwery's PPC Expertise Led to a High-Profile Acquisition

Employment Law

From Zero to Market Leader

Real Estate Investing

Effective PPC Strategy to 63% More Sales in 180 Days


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