More paid jobs at a lower cost for Building Designs

See how we increased leads by 326% without increasing the ad spend — a double win for the design & build company

Conversion rate
Increase in Leads
Revenue from Google Ads


Peter Lunter, owner of Building Designs London, faced a challenging situation with his Google Ads campaigns. 

Despite his company's great reputation for offering comprehensive architecture, interior design, and construction services, their PPC performance was underwhelming. 

The cost per lead (CPL) had escalated to an unsustainable £168, leading Peter to question the efficacy of Google Ads. 

“I've worked with several agencies, but the results were far from satisfactory. I was about to give up on PPC ads altogether.”

Screenshot of Building Designs Google Ads campaigns covering 3 months prior to our involvement.


Disorganised Campaign Structure

In our first look at the campaigns, we noticed a cluttered account structure. Many ad groups had very similar overlapping keywords that competed for the same traffic. This made it impossible to determine which keywords were actually effective.

Irrelevant Clicks from Broad Targeting

A detailed review of the search term report revealed a considerable number of clicks from unrelated searches for building supplies. These were primarily triggered by broad match keywords, draining a significant portion of Building Design’s ad budget.


Logical Campaign Structure

We restructured the Google Ads account into three distinct campaigns:

  • Brand Campaign: Focused on brand-specific keywords like “Building Designs London.”
  • Services Campaign: Targeted specific service offerings such as “architects for house renovation.”
  • Location-Based Keywords Campaign: Concentrated on geographical areas, e.g., “architects in Brighton.”

Extensive Negative Keywords

At the same time, we built extensive negative keyword lists to block irrelevant traffic and paused broad match keywords that were bringing in clicks unrelated to services offered by Building Designs.

This resulted in savings equivalent to 27% of the monthly budget.

Integrating HubSpot for Revenue and Profit Tracking

To provide Peter with a transparent view of his PPC investment, we connected Building Designs’ CRM, HubSpot, with Google Ads. 

With this integration, Peter could see which leads requested a quote, the value of these quotes, and, most importantly, if these leads turned into actual paying jobs.

Additionally, we set up an automated import of quotable leads and successful deals back into Google Ads. This practical step was about making the algorithm work harder — by doing this, we helped it learn to target genuinely qualified prospects that were likely to result in paid jobs.

Landing Page with Dynamic Text Replacement

Two months into the campaign, it became evident that location-based ad groups were generating higher-quality leads compared to generic services-based keywords. 

To leverage this insight, we designed a new landing page featuring dynamic text replacement, which changed the location name in the landing page headline to match the location the user searched for. 

Our goal was to:

  • Raise Conversion Rates: By making the landing pages more relevant to users searching for location-specific keywords, we aimed to increase the number of leads without having to raise our ad budget.
  • Reduce Cost per Click: Improved relevancy of landing page led to improved landing page experience and higher Quality Scores, resulting in decreased cost of traffic.

Results after 3 months

    • Conversion Rate: Increased from 3.04% to 12.43%.
    • Cost per Lead: Reduced from £167.54 to £39.18.
    • Lead Volume: Grew from 81 to 345.
    • Quotable Leads: 79, which converted into 27 paid jobs.
    • Revenue: A remarkable £267,695.

    By Increasing the conversion rate and decreasing the cost per click, we helped Peter increase leads by 326% from the comparable ad budget.

    Peter reflected:

    "Impressive results since the beginning. In the past, we didn't get what we were promised, but these guys are generating over 100 leads per month, and our business is growing because of it. I'd recommend Kwery to anyone, no question. They know their stuff and really care about how we do. Plus, they're super easy to work with."

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