Combining the responsiveness of an in-house team with the flexibility of an external partner

Why we’re not just another agency

Focused management

No Kwery account manager has more than three clients to look after. So they can invest more time in truly understanding your business, your campaigns and your ambitions.

Bespoke Strategy

With more space to think, we'll design bespoke advertising solutions – ones that truly fit your business and ultimately deliver better results.

Long-term relationships

Kwery is a great place to work – and that means you benefit from a team that’s invested in what you do, constantly learning, innovating and delivering impactful new ideas.

What stands out about Kwery is their professionalism and utter desire to continuously improve. They are accessible and the rapport with these guys is amazing - you know they have your back. At the end of the day, it comes down to trust. And this is the hardest thing to win in business.

Marta Mora
Communication Director, Domo Gestora

Head to head

How our in-house level of service sets us apart

Focus and attention


Get a team that’s 100% focused on your campaigns – but it’s not cheap.

  • No more than three accounts per PPC specialist
  • A deeper understanding of your business and your goals

The support of a senior team


Even a mid-senior PPC expert costs around £50k every year and a rockstar even more.

  • The right blend and breadth of expertise
  • A combined 78 years of experience

Subject matter experts


Beyond your PPC team, you’ll still need ad-hoc expertise in areas like analytics, CRO and tech.

  • A multi-disciplined team, no add-ons
  • From Google Analytics to custom scripting

A bespoke strategy


Typically in the hands of one PPC leader or a small team.

  • A structured methodology and proven ways of working
  • The focus to fit that methodology around your specific business targets

Proprietary technology


Rarely something you can do yourself and often outsourced to a third-party.

  • We build whatever we need
  • A ready-made collection of tried-and-tested tools

Innovation in advertising


It’s a full-time role just to keep up with the latest trends in PPC.

  • Early access to advertising betas
  • Benefit from relevant tactics before they are on your competitors’ radar

A measurable return


You don’t need one person – you need a team. And every new hire is an investment that makes it harder to achieve a healthy return.

  • Fees based on the value we deliver
  • Retainers start from £3,000 per month